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Applied Fashion Special: sick of searching for the boot to end all boots, Rebecca Willis went to the top: shoe designer Tracey Neuls. Together they created the perfect answerwell, almost

Inspiring Innovators: Felix Barrett, founder of Punchdrunk, credits Edward Gordon Craig with shaping our understanding of theatre today

Inspiring Innovators: the computer scientist Daphne Koller admires the courage and modesty of Sally Ride 

Inspiring Innovators: René Redzepi of Noma was driven to succeed by Wylie Dufresne's fearless attitude to foodand their shared desire to surprise people

Theme of the Week…Spying

Notes on a Voice: Emma Hogan gives away the spywriter's secrets

Why didn’t Germany crack the British codes during the second world war? Alan Judd does some digging in the archives to find out

Would you put a tracking device on your husband? Natasha Loder did. "James Bond meets urban domesticity. Overprotective, moi?" 

How can you tell if you're being followed? Don't bother looking for men with turned-up collars who peer round corners, says Alan Judd. The secret to identifying the tail is all in the shoes