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They’re not famous, but they get the job done and have a rigorous beauty. Garry Simpson captures bridges from the Deep South to the Alps, and tells Lucy Farmer what he looks for

Short Read: for his classical music highlight, Michael Church picks Juan Diego Flórez reprising a princely role

Applied Fashion: Rebecca Willis reflects on what we do to ourselves when we take that last-minute glance

Six Good Books: Maggie Fergusson recommends a vampire novel for people who don’t like vampire novels, and the life of a much-loved control-freak

Writer of the Week…Julie Kavanagh

Ralph Fiennes spent two years battling to direct his first film. Julie Kavanagh followed him through that time, and interviewed his friends and his sisters, to track down the source of his gifts—and his demons

Grace Coddington has been a force in fashion for 50 years, as a model and a creative director. Julie Kavanagh, her assistant in the 1970s and a friend ever since, captures her style

In this memoir about her love affair with Martin Amis, Julie Kavanagh revisits the 1970s, with a little help from her friends—and Amis himself

Why did Sergei Polunin walk out on a golden career with the Royal Ballet? Julie Kavanagh goes to Kiev and Moscow to talk to him, his parents and his mentors